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Downtown Coudersport is the location of this festival celebrating the historical and cultural significance of Eliot Ness in Coudersport.  Local merchants and historians will work together to take the heart of Potter County back to the Prohibition Era for a weekend.  An expanded planning committee has been busy laying the groundwork for a celebration that returns all of the highlights from the first Eliot Ness Fest and adds several more attractions.


Townspeople and visitors dress in Roaring '20s activities! There will be fun and interesting activities all around town.

A Little more


In its forth year, the Eliot Ness Fest returns with an even bigger bang. On Friday afternoon, Al Capone and other underworld figures will roll into town and take control. But fear not! On Saturday, Eliot Ness and his Untouchables will band together on the stage of the Coudersport Theatre and emerge to restore law and order. Capone will be brought to justice during a public trial on Sunday. Meanwhile, vintage vehicles will line the streets, where a series of lively raids and hijackings will entertain the audience, townspeople and visitors will dress in Roaring '20s activities there will be fun and interesting activities all around town.